My mission is to share my passion for yoga and help integrate the benefits of a yoga practice within the community, to empower students and support women. I will achieve this by providing high quality teaching in an engaging, precise and responsible manner.

Jo Griffin

Yoga Instructor

Hello, I am Jo, welcome to my website,

You have arrived at a place for wellbeing and education. I teach accessible yoga to all abilities, pre- and post- natal women, those with disabilities and baby yoga and massage. I teach through a variety of group classes and private sessions. I share interesting and relevant news through my social media channels to give students and clients a place for deepening their practice of yoga.

My own yoga journey began more than a decade ago and I have maintained a regular practice throughout that time incorporating asana, meditation, kirtan, pre- and post- natal yoga and baby yoga for my own children. Yoga has made a real difference to my overall wellbeing and has been a constant that I can always turn to as its always there.

I became a yoga teacher to make a tangible difference to people’s lives. I am an appleyoga trained teacher in vinyasa krama, dynamic and hatha yoga; including yoga for pre and post natal bodies and baby massage. I continue to study the traditional yoga teachings as well as modern anatomy and physiology.

Vinyasa is a combination of 'vi' and 'nyasa' in Sanskrit meaning 'to place in a special way'; krama means level or option. My classes are for all bodies, regardless of ability, and are creatively themed and intelligently sequenced with precise teaching. I incorporate breath work, or pranayama, to support the meditative flow of the practice, as well as inviting students into meditation.

I am registered yoga teacher with Yoga Alliance Professionals and uphold high standards in the quality of my training and teaching as well as the way I conduct my business.

Please do not hesitate to get in touch if you would like to join my classes or talk about how yoga can support you.

Namaste (the light in me honours the light in you)