My mission is to share my passion for yoga and help integrate the benefits of a yoga practice within the yoga community, local community and family community. I will achieve this by providing high quality teaching in an engaging, precise and responsible manner.

Jo Griffin

Yoga Instructor

Hello and welcome,

I am an appleyoga trained teacher in vinyasa krama, dynamic and hatha yoga; including yoga for pre and post natal bodies and baby massage. Vinyasa is a combination of ‘vi’ and ‘nyasa’ in Sanskrit meaning ‘to place in a special way’; krama means ‘level’ or ‘option’. My classes are for all bodies, regardless of ability, and are creatively themed and intelligently sequenced with precise teaching. I incorporate breath work, or pranayama, to support the meditative flow of the practice, as well as inviting students into meditation.

Yoga has brought much into my world; simple things like moving my body, and more profound understandings into my authentic being. It has taught me respect for my body and kindness towards myself, as I would naturally offer to others without question. Through the practice of yoga, I have become more aware of the many wonderful people that have been brought in to my life, all of which are teachers in their own way, and all of whom I am grateful for.

Alongside yoga, I am an accomplished finance professional in the infrastructure market, with over 15 years of global experience. I understand only too well the pressures of a business lifestyle and the challenges of trying to achieve a work-life balance (however you define it). I offer you all my experience and the lessons I have learnt so far, to help deepen your yoga experience.

I am a mother to a beautiful daughter and can readily empathise with the everyday (and bigger) opportunities and challenges that motherhood and parenthood bring. I am grateful for having yoga during my pre-natal phase and now to support my roles in our family.

I began my yoga journey in 2010 when I attended my first class with Katy Appleton. I cannot pinpoint what made me return the following week but I did. I have continued to study with Katy and the appleyoga philosophy ever since, including training under Katy’s guidance to become a teacher. I have also had the fortune of training under various inspirational teachers, both in the UK and abroad.

Within the yoga world, I have particular interests in anatomy, sound (kirtan) and the energy body (chakra system), and I continue to deepen my knowledge of these subjects.

I look forward to meeting you soon,